You’ve Put Down the Substance That Has Ruled Your Life.

Problem solved, right? Not so much. This is just the beginning.

Sobriety Changes Everything and It Doesn’t Always Appear to Be for the Better.

You probably didn’t think that giving up the addiction would be easy but there is a good possibility that you weren’t prepared for what was coming.

Your life is different, really different. Your relationships and how you are in them are different. Your thinking changes, for one thing it becomes clearer. What do you do with that clarity? It’s not something that you are used to or feel comfortable with.

You are now trying to navigate and live in the realities of life without the tools that other people take for granted.  This is just the way that it is.    But, that’s not the end of the story. You can learn what you need to live a life without the substance that you used before.

Don’t lament your past and what you didn’t get. Look to the future and how you might make it better.

I can help you with that.


The Effects of Addiction Can Take Many Forms.

Even if you aren’t prone to any type of physical dependence, you may still be facing addiction in your life. Where does it show up most often?


Maybe you grew up in a home where there was some type of active addiction. You might have said to yourself, this won’t happen to me, I won’t live this way. And you don’t, for a long time. And then, maybe you do. Because we are prone as humans to unconsciously repeat earlier experiences so that we can hopefully get them right.

So you might realize that your partner is actively using some kind of mood changer. Or it could be that your partner has recognized that there is a problem and is trying to get better. That could bring up a whole different set of issues.

I can help you and your partner address those.

Addiction is a disease that affects individuals, families and relationships on many different levels.

I have more than 20 years of experience as a psychoanalyst specializing in helping people break free from addiction and what it is doing to you and your life.

Whether your own addiction, a family member, your partner, your son or daughter, I can help you to start on the road to a substance free life.

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